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Jaguar Vector Racing breaks world electric speed record

Jaguar Vector Racing has broken the world electric speed record in a battery-powered boat. The Jaguar Vector V20E recorded an average speed of 88.61mph (142.6km/h) across two legs of the 1km course on Coniston Water, England, to beat the previous record of 76.8mph (123.6km/h).

The all-electric boat, which is powered by 320kg of batteries and a pair of Yasa electric motors, generating 295bhp, was designed and constructed by Jaguar Vector in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, and piloted by Jaguar Vector co-founder and technical director Peter Dredge.

Of the achievement, Craig Wilson, managing director, Williams Advanced Engineering, said: “Williams Advanced Engineering is proud to have supported this new world record by Jaguar Vector Racing by using our knowledge of electrification to provide the boat’s electric power, motor and control systems. Our experience from powering the entire Formula E grid for the past four seasons of racing and our ongoing partnership with Jaguar in the ABB FIA Formula E championship provided the technical and operational platform required to achieve this fantastic result.”

- July 2018

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